Monday, 12 November 2012

I. Mark Shoes

When I found out my favourite shoe shop was to close in October 2007, I asked my photographer friend Marc Holmes to come and help me document this glorious traditional shop.  Located on the Fulham Palace Road, in Hammersmith, west London, the proprietor inherited it from his dad who opened upon returning from the First World War.   They have long specialised in traditional English made shoes and boots and often had rare, original stock at good prices. I was always a fan of the Solovair boots.  As you can see he is a big Fulham FC fan and season ticket holder.  When Mr. Mark wished to retire I gather he was made a very good offer for the premises although when I was recently in Hammersmith I noticed the shop still boarded up and empty.  So here's to the memory of a classic London shop from an era when shops had personality and character, not to mention things worth buying! I've had some problems with the photos and some more will follow.

In the end, as you can see in the photo above it became a bit of a meeting place for old friends.

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